Childhood Memories and Easter Table Settings

Childhood Memories and Easter Table Settings

My DMs on Instagram fill up daily and answering them is always my pleasure and my priority.  It can be interesting when it is someone who has never messaged you before and you have to "give permission" to allow the DM.  I recently saw the name Kelsey Pelzer pop up.  The name was unfamiliar, but she had an important question...could she use one of my table setting photos for an Easter article she was writing for Parade magazine?  How exciting!  As I read her note, my mind was quickly filing through memories.  Parade magazine?  Why does this bring back childhood memories?  Wait!  That is the "magazine" that was always inside the Sunday paper. 

Easter Table Setting featured in Parade Magazine

From the time I could read, the Sunday newspaper was an event in our home growing up. After church and Sunday lunch, that was my go to for afternoon reading. I can smell the newsprint now. When I told my husband that a writer for Parade magazine had contacted me he immediately said...that's the Sunday newspaper magazine I used to read with my parents. So that rapid filing through childhood memories was spot on. Of course, it is on line now and accessible seven days a week and not just to newspaper subscribers. How exciting to be included in a publication with a circulation of 32 million and a readership of 54.1 million and is distributed by more than 700 of the country's finest newspapers. Interesting fact..Parade's first issue appeared on May 31, 1941, just prior to the U.S. entering WWII. Parade was started by Chicago businessman Marshall Field,III. As their mission statement says...We respect the past but we live in the present. We touch you. We tickle you. We give you something to talk about. A treat for you to enjoy every Sunday morning.

Easter Table Setting

What a special treat for me to be included in this publication that is such a sweet memory from my childhood. Even better, an inclusion on table settings for Easter. My genre and a very personal, meaningful holiday.

View the complete Parade article here.


Oil Egg Paintings: Amy Crews Artist /

Dinner Plates: Anthropolgie / Old Havana White

Salad Plates: Anthropolgie / Old Havana Mint

French Bee Flatware: Horchow

Black Ticking Runner: Amy Montgomery Home

Seafoam Hemstitch Napkins: Amy Montgomery Home

Galvanized Tray and Faux Eggs: Scarlet Scales Antiques / Franklin

Photo Credits: Ruby and Peach Photography