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Amy's Sausage Grits

We kicked off our holiday season at the shop with our first annual Christmas Open House November 3-5. The shop was filled with entertaining essentials, gifts, tabletop decor and the aroma of cranberry punch, biscuits and sausage grits! We had numerous requests for the recipe for our sausage grits.

The Best Caramel French Toast Recipe

This caramel french toast makes for a great Christmas morning breakfast (or really any time of the year!). I've made this recipe as early as two days before and popped it in the oven the morning of breakfast and it was delicious. 

My Favorite Cranberry Apple Casserole

This Cranberry Apple Casserole is so versatile and can be used in three ways! It's perfect for Christmas Day brunch or breakfast and it's also a a fabulous side dish for pork tenderloin on Christmas Eve. And if you're looking for a dessert, it’s most wonderful served with a scoop of vanilla!

Fall Floral Arranging Tips

You all know I love flowers and the fall season has some beautiful flowers that make gorgeous arrangements. Most of my flowers I purchase from the grocery store and I'm honored that Kroger and StyleBlueprint chose me to be featured to talk about my tips for making a simple yet stunning fall flower arrangement.

Flowers In Not-The-Usual Containers

Not every flower arrangement has to be in your traditional florist vase. In fact, sometimes the container can upstage the flowers. I like for it all to work together. The perfect flowers in just the right container.

Kitchen Towels As Placemats

It just seems right that if you can get double use out of something in life, you should! 

Childhood Memories and Easter Table Settings

My DMs on Instagram fill up daily and answering them is always my pleasure and my priority.

Fine Art & Flowers

There could not possibly be a better combination; fine art mixed with flowers.

Neighborly Peonies

Peonies come and go so quickly in their season, they could easily be missed.

The Library: The Most Versatile Room In The House

The library truly is the most versatile room in our house.

Small Business and Big Pillows!

If you live in Nashville and shop with me, you know I’ve “done” pillows for four years now.

A Pink, French Starry Night

A nouvelle French restaurant in Carlsbad that just simply cannot be missed: Jeune Et Joile.

Summer Hats

I have always been a hat person.

Life On A Southern Porch

We take a lot of pride in our porches in The South.

Set The Table & Set The Mood

Sometimes how you set the table for guests or your family is more important than what you actually serve to eat.

Local Co-Op Flowers

Personally, I love to support local in whatever form that is.

Why So Blue?

Blue and white has risen back to the top and is clearly here to stay. Classics always do.

History Knocks on Your Door

Doorknobs might be considered a somewhat eccentric thing to collect, but they call out to me.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

If you love mushrooms, this recipe is for you! Perfect as a main course paired with a salad or would work really well as an opening course for a dinner party.

Alys Beach On 30A

There are just some things in life that hold a very special place in your heart. This is one of them...Alys Beach.

Sometimes Rules are Made to be Broken

There are definitely rules for where to place a napkin when entertaining but I am throwing caution to the wind.