Fall Floral Arranging Tips

Pro Tips For Your Floral Arrangements

You all know I love flowers and the fall season has some beautiful flowers that make gorgeous arrangements. Most of my flowers I purchase from the grocery store and I'm honored that Kroger and StyleBlueprint chose me to be featured to talk about my tips for making a simple yet stunning fall flower arrangement.

Amy Montgomery Home Kroger Flowers
You can read the full article "3 Tips for Making a Simple Yet Stunning Fall Floral Arrangement" in StyleBlueprint, and I've included a few more tips for you below.

Pro Tip #1: If you have a longer table, use an odd number of flower arrangements.

Flowers on a table

Pro-Tip #2: If you have a small number of arrangements, cut and lay seeded eucalyptus to connect them.

Pro-Tip#3: To elevate your party even further, add a small flower arrangement to your powder room.

Pro-Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to grab from Kroger’s produce section! Small pumpkins, oranges, tomatoes, and bell peppers can add pops of color and fun texture to your arrangement.

Kroger flower arrangement using produce

To read more tips, view the whole article from StyleBlueprint here.

Happy Floral Arranging Friends!