Sometimes Simple Is Better

We absolutely love a great cheese tray or charcuterie board. Love them!

We also enjoy taking the time to have a glass of wine at the end of the day with cheese and crackers. (Honestly, this cuts down on how much dinner I have to cook!)

If it is just the two of you, numerous selections of cheese aren’t always necessary, just one you can both agree on.

This is where simple is better.

I had rather take the few extra minutes to get out the stemmed wine glasses, artfully arrange some crackers and put out some fresh flowers with one wedge of cheese than to spend 30 minutes prepping an entire cheese board. Let’s save that fun work for entertaining friends.

We usually have our end of the day discussion with me cooking in the kitchen and John in the keeping room while cheese and wine are on the kitchen counter but, there are those nights we enjoy using our bar in the living room and we set up shop in there. I firmly believe every inch of your home should be used. So, there are evenings that wine and cheese are had in the living room at our little bar and dinner is served on the bench in front of the sofa.

I’ve listed our favorite cheese below and I will tell you that it is terribly delicious grated on a simple salad of butter lettuce with a few pieces of crumbled bacon and your favorite vinaigrette.

If a fabulous cheese tray is in order and you need to source it out, your go to girl is @cheesegal on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed!

Simple Is Better

Favorite Cheese: Mitica Brand, The Drunken Goat Semi Soft Goat Cheese Bathed in Red Wine / Whole Foods and Fresh Market

Crackers: Trader Joe’s Sesame Crackers

Bamboo Cutting Board: Ikea

John’s Favorite Chardonnay: Rombauer Carneros Chardonnay / Nappa, California

Vintage Liquor Decanters: The Simple Sketchbook / Instagram

Decanter Tags: The Sterling Saddle / Instagram

Metal & Marble Tray: Gas Lamp Too, Nashville

Monogrammed Bee Cocktail Napkins: Emily McCarthy Shoppe / Instagram

Vintage Cabinet Pulls: Gas Lamp Too, Nashville

Drawer Pulls: Restoration Hardware Art

Gold Frame: Amy Crews, Artist

Photo Credits: Ruby and Peach @rubyandpeachphoto

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