The Attic Bedroom

Attic bedrooms are the best! Usually tucked away, with a sloped ceiling and a tiny window they call out for a quiet afternoon and a good book.

As a child I always wanted an attic bedroom (or at least an attic nook to cozy-up in) and then as a grownup I longed for Mary Richard’s attic apartment in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

What girl didn’t want to be Mary Richards and turn the world on with her smile?

When we purchased our home two years ago we knew it would be where our grandchildren would come to visit someday.

What little one doesn’t want a cozy attic room to play in?

One of the best features of this house is that all four of the upstairs bedrooms have really spacious closets. The front two bedrooms are large and their closets extend into and fill the attic corners. In the left bedroom that we chose to be the guest room with its closet having 10 feet of hanging space for clothing on one side and over 12 feet on the other side, we knew we could easily fit a twin bed in this cozy spot. No guests needs 22 feet of hanging space for clothing! We used surplus shiplap left from the dining room to dress up the walls in this cozy corner of the closet. It is complete with the sloped ceiling and that little window at the end of the dormer. What you can’t see in these photos is the long dormer complete with a window and a low bookshelf perfect for children’s books and toys. (That decorating project is next.)

The Attic Bedroom

The mahogany twin bed is one of a pair that came from a beautiful vintage store here in Nashville that has since closed. The beds have all of their original brass fittings and they work just perfectly with the “bunkie boards” that my husband cut from plywood. A mattress and box spring would have made the beds entirely too tall and not low enough to the ground for little ones. The mate to the bed is in one of the back bedrooms and I love that we were able to keep the matching set. I used the simplest of matelasse quilts and took great joy in covering the bed in all of those pink pillows! (After all, I do own a pillow shop😊).

I’m sure if we have a grandson some day all the pretty pink pillows will be replaced with blue but for’s my cozy hideaway. I oriented the pillows along the wall instead of at the headboard in order to give it more of a daybed look which works perfectly in the long narrow room.

My collection of rosa pink transferware made the perfect grouping for the wall of shiplap. The walls are painted in a medium luster clean white to give just that little bit of light reflection. The painted hardwood floors work perfectly for this attic closet bedroom along with a hand-hooked wool rug. The tiny child’s chair next to the bed serves as the perfect bedside table. The hand painted iron floral light was another antique store purchase that was just the right size for this attic space. This little hideaway bedroom is just off the largest guest bedroom…just perfect for mom and dad to visit and keep the little one in their room (without being in their room).

Attic Bedroom

Photo Credits: Ruby and Peach @rubyandpeachphoto

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